Zindagi ek Amusement Park hai!

Zindagi ek amusement park hai. Kahin maza, kahin sukoon or kuch bechaini ke lamhe.

Generation Gap or Communication Gap?

My little cousin and I were talking over late night snacks. The time when the secrets pour in. She was talking about her friends and the play she recently participated in. I listened. Gradually (I don't know how) the conversation shifted to teenagers. She's a teenager so of course she spoke highly of her kind.... Continue Reading →

How good are you at selling yourself?

If you don't say, you don't get. In the world where you are judged by your Instagram profiles, the places you've traveled, the cafes and restaurants you go on weekends, number of friends you've, the caption you choose for the pictures, it's a gradual disaster, is all that I feel. It was a few years back when... Continue Reading →

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Life of Srish

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